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Dr. Wallach has discovered that over 900 different health problems are a direct result of being deficient in the 90 essential nutrients. Your body does NOT make these 90 essential nutrients.  You must get them daily from food and supplements.  It has become harder and harder to get all 90 essential nutrients every day from the foods we eat.  That is why Dr. Wallach created the 7 different Healthy Body Packs.

Along the left side you will find information that addresses the most common health problems people face.

Please use this information to educate yourself on how to get healthy and please share this information with others to help them get healthy as well.

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Take the Healthy Body Challenge

Good For You! Today is the day that you begin your incredible health transformation. We are excited that you have decided to join the numerous individuals who have benefited from the powerful and life changing Youngevity®products.

Our commitment to safety, quality, scientific research, and the pursuit of finding the most potent nutrients to target the body's natural systems to defend and overcome has never wavered in our 16 years!

To TAKE The Healthy Body Challenge is SIMPLE...just follow the steps and get ready for the Journey To Your HEALTHY Life...

1. Set Your Goal

Are you looking to Lose Weight? Get Fit? Gain Energy? Suffering from a specific health concern? Worried about your family health history? Has your doctor told you to work on a certain part of your health for your next visit? What are you most worried about in your health?

2. Choose Your Healthy Body Pak

Youngevity has (7) Healthy Body Paks that are customized to fit whatever challenge you're willing to TAKE. Click on the icons below and learn more about each Pak. Give yourself some time, changes happen gradually, but transformations last a lifetime. TAKE your Pak, be consistent, give yourself some time, and enjoy health victory!

3. Let Youngevity® REWARD You By Sharing

Youngevity® has transformed millions of lives over the years and we love hearing about each one. That's why we have created the Healthy Body Challenge Contest so that you can share your results and we can REWARD you with incredible prizes, recognition, trips, and cash!

Your friends may be curious as they notice your improved health. When you share the Healthy Body Challenge with three friends who get started, you get your Healthy Body Pak free!